Best Vitamin Supplements For Chickens

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  • Best Vitamin Supplements For Chickens
  • Best Vitamin Supplements For Chickens
  • Best Vitamin Supplements For Chickens
  • Best Vitamin Supplements For Chickens
  • Best Vitamin Supplements For Chickens
  • Best Vitamin Supplements For Chickens
  • Best Vitamin Supplements For Chickens
  • Best Vitamin Supplements For Chickens
  • Best Vitamin Supplements For Chickens
  • Best Vitamin Supplements For Chickens
  • Best Vitamin Supplements For Chickens
  • Best Vitamin Supplements For Chickens

Nowadays, there are so many products of vitamin supplements for chickens in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one.You have searched for vitamin supplements for chickens in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them.

You are in RIGHT PLACE.

Here are some of best sellings vitamin supplements for chickens which we would like to recommend with high customer review ratings to guide you on quality & popularity of each items.

Best results for vitamin supplements for chickens

Big Ole Bird – Poultry Probiotic & Poultry Supplement

$37.10 $54.91
Last update was on: November 28, 2020 4:22 pm



Probiotics for chickens are an important topic.  There have been a number of scientific studies describing how the use of humates and probiotics can positively impact bird health, increasing flock weights, decreasing mortality rates and in hens, increasing egg production and shell hardness.

BoB takes poultry probiotics technology to the next level by introducing beneficial levels of Humic and Fulvic acids to the formula.

What you want seems almost impossible to attain: A bigger, stronger, healthier bird. You want a bird less susceptible to disease, that puts on healthy weight effectively and efficiently. Now with Big ole Bird you can achieve that goal.

Big Ole Bird or BoB is Biology Optimized for Birds. There are other poultry products on the market offering probiotic microorganisms aimed at improving gut microflora. However, Big ole Bird poultry probiotic takes this technology to the next level by introducing rich organic acids to the formula as well as activated carbon. 

The combination of these sources in a highly concentrated formula provide your flock with the protection they need. Big ole Bird is simply a great answer for probiotics for chickens.

Want to see the entire ingredients list?  Here are the powerful poultry probiotic ingredients

Looking for Big ole Bird Instructions or Directions for Use?  Click Here.

MAX Omega 3 for Dogs – Dog Fish Oil & Hip Joint Supplement. Rich in EPA & DHA Fatty Acids for Itch Relief & Dry Skin. Healthy Coat + Allergy Support. Pet Treats for Strong Immune System, Heart & Brain

$29.97 $33.27
Last update was on: November 28, 2020 4:22 pm

The very best Omega-3 supplement your pooch will love!

Keep your pet’s body healthy for years to come with our vital and tasty treats your pets will go crazy about. If you’re looking for a holistic remedy to support your friend’s health from head to toe, omega-3 fatty acids are what you need. Now, in a convenient and mess-free form!

Give your pet a super soft and shiny coat, PERFECT FOR CUDDLES! ❤

Our potent and pure fish oil chews loaded with omega-3 fatty acids will help your pet improve their stiff, dry, tangled, or mattered fur to a shiny, smoother, fuller and softer coat.

Support your pet’s overall health with concentrated fish oil chews

Loving and caring pet parents use Mighty Petz MAX Omega-3 Treats for:

🐶 Healthy and shiny coat

🐶 Itch-free skin

🐶 Skin allergy prevention

🐶 Strong joints and bones

🐶 Healthy heart and brain

🐶 Immune system support

🐶Energy boost

Low allergen, low calorie and low sodium tasty chews made in USA

Our treats are safe for pets of all breeds and ages and are guaranteed to be free of pollutants and toxins such as mercury, PCB’s and heavy metals for your pet’s safety and your peace of mind.

Manna Pro Chick Starter Kit Complete Master Set – Baby Chicken Supplies with Protein Crumbles, Chick Grit & Probiotics, Treat Stick, Vitamin & Electrolyte Supplement, Feeder, Waterer and Warming Light

$69.45 $98.62
Last update was on: November 28, 2020 4:22 pm

This product is formulated by nutritionists who are dedicated to helping you raise strong, vibrant animals. Because of this we’ve designed our product to be nutritionally balanced with added probiotics to support gut health as well as healthy hens.

Manna Pro Chick Stick
One of the most fun times to interact with your flock is when they are baby chicks! Including a Chick Stick hanging treat in your brooder is a great way to provide them with nutritious entertainment!

Manna Pro Life-Lytes Mega Tabs
While they hide it well, many poultry experience lessened immunity in such situations as heat waves, re-homing, competitive shows, travel, or illness. This unique blend supports optimal health in your flock with vitamin and electrolytes.

Manna Pro Chick Grit with Probiotics
Manna Pro Chick Grit helps birds grind up food, enabling it to be digested more easily. Formulated with probiotics for enhanced digestion.

Manna Pro Chick Starter Feed Crumbles
Manna Pro Chick Starter Non-Medicated Crumbles is a complete feed formulated for increased rate of weight gain and improved feed efficiency in replacement chickens.

Manna Pro Screw-on Chick Drinker Base For Quart Jar, Red
Screw-on base attaches to glass or plastic quart jar for watering baby chicks. Great to use with our Chick Feeder or Chick Drinker Quart Jar.

Manna Pro Screw-on Chick Feeder For Quart Jar, Red or Yellow
Screw-on feeder attaches to glass or plastic quart jar. Great to use with our Chick Feeder or Chick Drinker Quart Jar.

Manna Pro Chick Drinker or Chick Feeder, Quart Jar
Plastic Quart Jar for Feeding or watering small chicks. Holds 1 quart of feed or water. Use with our screw-on base.

Energy Efficient Warming Lamp
This heat source for your brooder is as close as possible to a natural mother hen.

Bone Broth + Collagen Capsules. 180 Pills of Grass Fed Bone Broth + Collagen Protein Peptides. Contains All 3 Collagen Types: 1, 2, and 3. Pure Pasture Raised Paleo Friendly Tablets for Women and Men

$23.95 $28.50
Last update was on: November 28, 2020 4:22 pm

Bullyade Combo 3 Beef 3 Chicken Natural Dog Supplement 3.17oz (per Bottle) with 18 Vitamins & Minerals. Replenishes Electrolytes Fast, Quicker Safe Recovery from Parvo, Illness, Dehydration.

$140.00 $166.60
Last update was on: November 28, 2020 4:22 pm

NATURAL DOG SUPPLEMENT packed with 18 essential vitamins and minerals with complete electrolyte replenishment. With Salt, Chloride, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, and Phosphorus. Regulates body temperature and prevents dehydration. This gives your dog everything he or she needs to stay well, be healthy, and recover from illness more quickly. No wonder Bullyade is recommended by Vets all over the world, often to help dogs recover faster from Parvo and other viruses. This can help a dog who has been experiencing digestive problems. Builds better health to benefit dogs of all ages, breeds, and both sexes. Each container holds 3.17oz of tasty mix that can go in food or water. Dogs love it! 18 IN 1 MULTIVITAMIN FOR DOGS OF ALL AGES – Bullyade is an Advanced Level Multivitamin Powder with vitamin, mineral, and electrolytes. Packed full of rich ingredients that promote wellness for small, medium and large breed canines. Beef & Chicken real meat flavor dogs love Strengthen exercise performance Support hydration levels Promotes muscle function and electrolyte balance Helps Regulate body temperature during exercising muscles Helps prevent organ failure Promotes performance and endurance Helps cardiovascular, immune system and neurological function Assists with Electrolyte deficiency Helps maintain normal hydration levels in the blood and tissues Promotes fast recovery time after vigorous activity Assists replacement of fluid lost through excess panting & salivation Designed for Dogs – No artificial sugars. No after effects. Helps boost energy Bullyade is a complete multi-vitamin, designed for dogs – Promotes fast recovery in most situations; Parvo, Training, Heat, Vitamin deficiency, Normal Growth, etc.

Durvet Healthy Flock Poultry Vitamins 100gm (.220lb)

$7.03 $8.93
Last update was on: November 28, 2020 4:22 pm

Durvet Healthy Flock Poultry Vitamins 100gm (.220lb)

INABA Churu Lickable Purée Natural Cat Treats

$8.99 $10.79
Last update was on: November 28, 2020 4:22 pm

Delectables Bisque Senior 10 Years + Lickable Wet Cat Treats , Tuna & Chicken, 1.4 Ounce (Pack Of 12)

$10.96 $13.15
Last update was on: November 28, 2020 4:22 pm

TCfeline Raw Cat Food – A Premix (Supplement) to Make a Homemade raw cat Food Diet. All Natural, Grain Free, Human Grade and Species Appropriate Raw for Cats. (with Chicken Liver)

$18.50 $23.87
Last update was on: November 28, 2020 4:22 pm

Size:Trial 4.2 oz


  • A Quick, Easy and Affordable Solution to making Raw Cat Food.
  • Mix with your own raw meat to make a Homemade Raw Cat Food Diet.
  • Creates a raw cat meal that closely mimics the nutritional profile of a cats natural prey of mice and voles.
  • A meal for the True Carnivore.
  • Provided in a re-sealable pouch for ease of use.


  1. Creates a complete and balanced species appropriate raw food for cats when combined with raw meat.
  2. Formulated specifically to meet the health needs of cats, not dogs or other pets.
  3. Includes omega 3 sourced from the wild to maintain cellular, immune system, skin and coat, joint, heart health, as well as brain and eye development and maintenance
  4. Added taurine, an essential nutrient for all cats for a healthy heart, digestive system, ocular and reproductive functions.
  5. Freshly made, All natural.
  6. Whey protein source is rBST free.
  7. 100% human grade and pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  8. Meets AFFCO guidelines for all life stages.
  9. No by-products, artificial additives, artificial colors or flavors, artificial preservatives, fillers or chemicals.
  10. Grain FREE (no corn, wheat, soy).
  11. No GMO’s.

Aids in prevention / maintenance of diabetes, food allergies, digestion health, urinary health, kidney health, dental health, bowel health, weight management / obesity, coat and skin health, energy levels.

All Life Stages (Kittens to Adult to Senior Cats)

Made in the USA

Based on feeding 1/2 cup per day (aver adult cat) – 4.2oz/120gms pouch produces approx 27 day supply.

Directions, Ingredients and Analysis – See Below

Head to Tail Daily Hip & Joint Chews, Chicken Liver Blueberry, Extra Large XL Breed Dogs Over 75lbs, Wheat Free, 60 Chew Packet

$94.77 $125.10
Last update was on: November 28, 2020 4:22 pm

Head to Tail Daily Hip & Joint Formula for Extra Large breed dogs. Wheat Free formula supports hip and joint mobility and connective tissue function. Chicken liver flavor with real blueberries, one of the most nutrient-rich foods on earth. For use in dogs only. For dogs over 75lbs, 2 chews daily. If giving more than 1 chew, divide between AM and PM. For quicker results, double the recommended amount above for the first 6 weeks.

Hip & Joint Health Premium Soft Chews For Adult Cats – 45 count Yummy Chicken Flavor

$14.50 $16.24
Last update was on: November 28, 2020 4:22 pm

45 count Yummy Chicken Flavor

Ezlis Dried Mealworms for Chickens 11lbs, Chicken Treats, Duck Feed, Organic Chicken Feed, High-Protein Meal Worms Bulk Food for Chickens, Bluebird Food, Poultry Feed, Hens, Wild Birds, Fish, Turtle

$41.55 $50.28
Last update was on: November 28, 2020 4:22 pm

Ezlis dried mealworms 11 lbs – dried mealworms for chickens Foods, Birds Treats, Fish, Ducks, Turtles, Wild Birds Feed, Hamsters, Hedgehogs, Baby Chickens, Reptiles, Squirrel and more pets.

dried mealworms Bulk is the main source of protein and nutrition for many animals. Animals that range from pets to wild all love to munch on dried mealworms whenever possible. Sold by Ezlis.

✅ Hard to resist the temptation of delicious dried mealworms for Wild Birds, Bluebirds, Chicken,Poultry, Hedgehogs, Reptiles & More.

✅ 100% Natural dried mealworms. Non-GMO, additive, preservative, and dust-free. Feeding your pets with our high energy and all-natural product.

✅ High Protein Natural Treat for Chickens, baby chickens and birds to boosts immune system and improves health. They are excellent for fish, ducks, turtles, hedgehogs, wild birds, and more pets. Easy Use. Easy Storage. No refrigeration is necessary.

✅ Easy Use. Easy Storage. No refrigeration is necessary.

✅ Money Back: If you are unsatisfied for any reason we will provide 100% money-back guaranteed. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority!

Guaranteed Analysis with 100% natural mealworms.

Crude Protein (min) …..55%
Lysine (min) ……………..2.0%
Methionine (min) ………0.9%
Crude Fat (min) ………..20%
Crude Fiber (max) …….10%
Calcium …………………..0.03-0.05%
Phosphorus (min) ……..0.6%
Salt …………………………0.48-0.7%
Sodium ……………………0.08-0.15%

Storage instructions:

Reseal and store in a cool and dry place.

Return Policy

Returns or exchange accepted within 30 days of purchase. Buyer is responsible for the return fee, except in cases of damaged, expired, or incorrect item. Notify us before returning any item.

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